Let The Tie Be Your Muse

Let The Tie Be Your Muse

Have you too noticed the uptick in images of women wearing neckties?  I for one have been tickled pink with the plethora of social media posts, celebrity sightings and real life women confidently donning this traditional men's fashion accessory.  We should not be surprised.  Women have a long and storied history of turning tradtional men's clothing on their heel (usually in a stiletto) since well before Coco Chanel shocked the fashion world with womens trousers!

While Madonna, Carli B, Kristen Stewart and other A listers wowed live audiences and viewers at home earlier this year with their own cutting-edge take on the black tie, the rest of us may be more comfortable with a more subtle approach to incorporating the tie into one's wardrobe. 

If you are too are looking to stick your neck out (pun intended) in this look, Hello Bibbs! offers a new (actually reimagined) kind of accessory, the false shirt front. Basically a little white button-up shirt, once upon a time referred to as a dickie, with a front and back bib that gives the illusion of an entire shirt underneath, and best of all offers a pristine and tailored collar to elegantly showcase a necktie! 

Typically when I opt for a white shirt, I am desiring the appearance of a white collar underneath a jacket or sweater, and do not necessarily need all the fluff and muss that is hidden underneath.  Adding a necktie to a Hello Bibbs! collar is a cinch with the number of options available in both pre-tied or self-tie silhouettes. If you like the challenge of tying a Half-Windsor knot, by all means have at it. Or if you prefer the work done for you, Cravatta's beautiful assortment of wide and slim ties arrive 'pre-tied" and come with instructions for retying when the need arises!   Designed and manufactured in Ukraine, an accessory brand dedicated to giving women a powerful fashion tool has us brushing off our tying skills! 

In summary, give the tie a try!  Let it be your muse.  Wear it loose, knotted close to the neck, or slung over both shoulders and falling effortlessly over your favorite blouse or jacket.  The options are as endless as the selections displayed at a department store menswear tie counter. Here's hoping that reference may soon be true for her side of the store. Have some fun and enjoy the confidence you will radiate in the company of a well chosen necktie.   






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